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SimVitro® HerdFlex™ full-beef embryos are produced from commercial Black Angus-based dams for proven performance.
Mated specifically for use in dairy cows
Consistent in their genetic package
High carcass merit and marbling 

A new approach to beef on dairy

SimVitro® HerdFlex™ embryos are a new approach to generating high-performance beef calves on your dairy operation. With this IVF solution, you can get full-beef calves that have calving ease and deliver value through improved feed efficiency, rate of gain, ribeye area and marbling.

Featured SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos

  • Unique Cow Image
    Deer Valley Unique 5635
  • Hometown Cow Image
    G A R Home Town
  • Prophet Cow Image
    G A R Prophet
  • Gar 100x Image
    GAR 100X
  • Gar Sure Fire Image
  • Jindra Cow Image
    Jindra Acclaim
  • Compound Cow Image
    Spring Cover Compound 12E
  • Tehema Tahoe Cow Image
    Tehema Tahoe B767
Black cows closeup
Black cows closeup

Consistent quality,
ideally sized for the rail 

Cattle buyers and packers will appreciate the consistency of steers grown from SimVitro® HerdFlex™ embryos. Whether you’re raising animals on pasture, or in a feedlot, calves from HerdFlex™ beef embryos help you create an optimal start for the animal.
Proven performance factors:

  • Feed efficient
  • Genetically uniform
  • High in carcass merit and marbling
  • Available year-round with a consistent supply


WhiteBlack-BlackCalf Image
WhiteBlack-BlackCalf Image

Industry-leading partnership for your success

SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos are made possible through the collaboration of two industry leaders in livestock genetics. This partnership ensures that SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos are available year-round, in your area, and backed by the expertise and support of the Select Sires team. Contact us


Ordering HerdFlex

SimVitro® HerdFlex™ embryos are available to order through our national network of trusted distributor partners. Click on your state on the map to find a representative in your area. If you have questions or would like more information before purchasing, please get in touch with us.


Click on your state/region on the map to find your distributor. 

Select Sires MidAmerica, Inc.

Chip Craig


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Jake Kempel


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COBA Select Sires Inc.

Rick Ellerback


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Dan Curtin


928.368.3634 |

All West/Select Sires


800.426.2697 |

Minnesota/Select Sires Co-Op, Inc.

Andrew Swanson

HerdFlex™ Program Manager 

507.829.4133 |

CentralStar Cooperative, Inc.

Jim Sipiorski

HerdFlex™ Program Manager

517.256.6762 |

Scott Ellevold

HerdFlex™ Program Manager

715.781.5635 |

Premier Select Sires, Inc.

Brian Boyer

HerdFlex™ Program Manager

814.777.2617 |

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What are SimVitro® HerdFlex™ embryos?
    SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos are IVF embryos commercially produced by the J.R. Simplot Company. The embryos are created using Simplot’s Genetic Recover Oocytes (GROs) from beef herds in the USA to match your specific needs.
  • What are Simplot® Generic Recover Oocytes (GROs)?
    Simplot GROs are the specific oocytes used to create SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos. Simplot GROs are sourced based on your goals and needs. The GROs are mated to a proven sire to maximize the resulting embryo’s genetic potential.
  • How are SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos different from standard beef x dairy breeding?
    The beef x dairy cross calf market continues to see declining premiums. A full-breed beef calf can see greater premiums.
  • How do I order HerdFlex™ beef embryos for my operation?
    SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos are available for order through a network of distributors. Locate your local distributor using our distribution map and contact a representative today.
  • Will HerdFlex™ beef embryos increase the profitability of my calves?
    Depending on market price for day-old calves, HerdFlex™ beef embryos can earn up to 30x more than a day-old Jersey and 6.7x more than a day-old Holstein calf.
  • Do SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos negatively affect calving ease?
    No, SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryo sires are specifically chosen with calving ease in mind and should not negatively affect calving.
  • What is the generic level of calves from SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos?
    SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos can be customized to meet your unique and specific genetic needs.
  • What pregnancy rates can I expect with SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos?
    You can expect to achieve pregnancy rates similar to the rates achieved by Artificial Insemination (AI). Heat stressed and repeat breeders can even expect an improvement in pregnancy rate over AI because the implanted embryo circumvents fertility-related challenges and starts with the placement of an already viable embryo. Pregnancy rates do however vary greatly because of factors like environment, animal management, recipient quality and season.
  • Why are SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos recommended as a solution to seasonal challenges in reproduction?
    SimVitro® HerdFlex™ beef embryos can improve the pregnancy rate in a herd by overcoming heat stress. Previous industry research using commercial IVF embryos showed a 10 percent increase in one-cycle pregnancy rate vs. AI in the same herds. Heat stressed animals show an improvement because the implanted embryo circumvents fertility-related challenges and starts with the placement of an already viable embryo.
  • What can Simplot’s expertise do for me?
    The Simplot Company’s deep knowledge of the IVF technology and commercial agriculture allows it to leverage multiple market approaches to help producers achieve their goals. Simplot has a deep, pioneering history in plant and food agriculture, which has fueled research for new ways to develop and feed animals in sustained ecosystems. A strong understanding of commercial-scale food resource development and production has provided the spirit to take advanced reproductive technologies – such as IVF – to a scale beyond breeding stock production and allows commercial dairy producers and cattlemen alike to apply the technology to their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions are provided for general informational purposes only and are accurate to the extent of their scope and purpose. These FAQs do not constitute veterinary advice and are subject to change.

Products listed are merely distributed by Select Sires, Co-op, Inc. Buyer assumes all responsibility for use, storage, and handling of these products. In the unlikely event that any of the products shall be proven defective, damages from their use shall exclude consequential damages and be limited to their purchase price. Simplot and its affiliates, subsidiaries, agents and employees disclaim warranty expressed or implied including (without limitation) the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. SimVitro is a registered trademark and HerdFlex is a trademark of the J.R. Simplot Company. All rights reserved.

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